For Life

For Life

A life of all work and no play creates tension and negativity. As we stated, the extra time we put in can make all the difference, including the time considered quality time.

For us, quality time can also be playtime. We have a great history of being one of the most fun places to have a Birthday Party, and for the first time we are offering Family Fun Nights every Friday night starting in April 2017.

We are also offering a bit of playtime for adults as well. For three nights a week we will have open gym pick-up games where you can come in and join in the fun of some soccer, volleyball, and basketball.

With everything you need for your family when it comes to training and exercise, there is no need to go anywhere else when searching for the best place to take your children or yourselves. Being under one roof, with the schedule we have set in place, multiple family members can get done what they need to at the same time. The need to be traveling to several places in a given week ( or day ) is no longer necessary.

To help make it easier, we have developed the OT Club. For details on the OT Club, click here.