Fun Nights

Open Gym & Friday Fun Nights

What better way to keep the family together and enjoy yourself then with a little fun and play. Our open gym times for basketball and volleyball let you let loose and partake in some adult play time, while our Family Fun Nights were developed with the entire family mind!

Family Fun Nights

We make it possible to enjoy a night out. Drop your children off here and let them take part in our Friday Fun sports nights, while you enjoy a night out… Or stay and watch, or jump in the fun for yourself!

Our staff will entertain your children through various games and activities that Overtime has to offer! Fun sports events like dodge ball, volleyball, basketball, kickball and more. Parents can join in the fun too! There are opportunities for all parents to play together or mix it up a bit with your children.

If the games aren’t your style, you can stay and hang out in our party room. Mingle with friends and relax while the kids are being entertained with OT fun and games.

Friday, June 9, 2017
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Just $15/per person for a night of fun!

Open Gym Times

Ever have the urge to get a few friends together and play a little volleyball or basketball? If you do, then bring them here. Overtime is excited to announce open gym times for both, starting May 2, 2017. The only thing you need to do is want to play. Our open gym times are run by our instructors of that sport to ensure all are having fun and getting a good sweat in. They can also jump in to balance out sides if necessary.

Tuesday Nights
8:30 PM -10:00 PM
Ages: 18 – up

Wednesday Nights
8:30 PM -10:00 PM
Ages: 18 – up

Preregistration is necessary for all open gym times and Family Fun nights in order prepare accordingly  for volume. There is a minimum entry fee, but this service is FREE to all OT Club Subscribers. For additional information, or to preregister, call 973-689-7700.

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