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With 45,000 square feet of training space, over 600 pieces of training equipment, and instruction from passionate, qualified coaches, OT Adult Fit is sure to get you the fitness results you’re looking for, and will do it in a way where It doesn’t feel like work. It becomes who always wanted to be… a better you!

Unlike NEW fitness fads, our program’s regimen makes working out less mundane and inspires you to continue on a better, healthier lifestyle. With OT Adult Fit, we don’t offer a revised method that leaves you searching for something else three months later. The change and nuances are built in. With our class sizes maxing out at 10 people per class, you are sure to get the attention needed for the results that are desired.

OT Adult Fit was developed for those looking to get themselves in the best shape of their lives within a program that produces faster results in a smart, safe, energetic, never know what’s coming next kind of program!

Our Program is unlike anything you have done before. We have the space to get you moving so you are not stuck in one spot for an hour. With a combination of training techniques and equipment such as weights, resistance bands, trx, kettlebells, prowlers, sleds, battle ropes, etc. you will get maximum benefits out of your hour class and you will definitely need a shower afterwards!


Our classes ARE for everyone! Beginner, advanced, or intermediate, each class has a component that is adjusted for your ability. Our system is geared to help everyone at any level reach his or her true potential.