OT Athlete Training

OT Athlete Training Philosophy

At Overtime, we take a holistic view when it comes to our Athlete Training Program with the main goal of making everyone in our program an overall better athlete. The days of the 3-star athlete have gone away, but the concept is one that has proven to be beneficial.

It is in that mindset that we have developed our Athlete Training services. Regardless of the sport(s) you participate in, the best way to advance is by making you better in all aspects. Our Athlete Training covers strength, conditioning, speed & agility, and sports specific technical training.

We offer athletes the opportunity to hone their skills at every sport, while making sure they get stronger, faster, and move better. All so they can perform better when it matters most… Game day.

Although some of the fundamentals with our curriculum are similar; we understand that every athlete and their goals are different. That is why we take the time to make sure we understand their goals, and help develop the right plan needed to achieve them.

None of this goes without constant evaluation. From Day 1, every athlete at every age is put through an initial evealuation by our certified trainers to gauge as a baseline. From there, they are continually measured to ensure they are evolving in all aspects.

At the core of it all, is our belief of consistency and adaptation. Without either, growth becomes stagnate and therefore so does your potential. Our programs are built to ensure our clients continue to get the results they have come to us to achieve.

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