OT Club

OT Club

Training for anything takes time, but it can also take a lot of money. At Overtime, we want all of our clients to achieve their utmost potential, and we understand that without commitment ( from us or from you ) achieving those goals can get next to impossible to reach.

By offering more professionally instructed class times then ever, we have made it easier for you to get your work in. By developing the OT Club, we have taken away some of the financial burden, while offering some great additional benefits.

For individual packages, an OT Club package will save you up to $25.00 a month.
For family packages, it can save you hundreds!

The monetary savings is just the beginning. An OT Club subscription also comes with the following benefits:

  • Discounts on OT Athlete or OT Fit Packages
  • Family of 3, and Family of 4+ group discounts ( up to $300 a month )
  • 15 % off any product in the facility
  • Discounts on birthday party events
  • Free access to open gym times*
  • Free access to Friday Fun Nights*
  • Free access to the work out area when no class is scheduled
  • Free access to seminars throughout the year. Our first few topics:
    • Nutrition – Do’s and Don’ts … maybe not that obvious!
    • College recruiting – what you need to know, what you need to do.
    • Physical Therapy – injury prevention, training with an injury.

*Based on age/skill level, all clients may not be able to partake.

For additional information about the OT Club, and all of our services, email: info@ot-sports.com, or call 973-689-7700, and ask to speak to our Program Director, Mark Cummings.