XX Fitness

If you are a woman that wants to get in better shape, and just haven’t found the right combination, then our XX Fitness program is for you. It is the one fitness program built by women, for women.

Exclusively for those who have the XX chromosome structure, this fitness program is centered around empowering you with the tools to get in the best shape of your life and become the woman you always wanted to be in a private setting with no one around to watch or judge you.

Our XX Fitness program combines fitness and nutrition with the added benefit of a small group class structure of like-minded females. The fitness aspect encompasses the same training attributes of our OT Adult Fitness program, but is tailored specifically to your needs.

In addition to the fitness classes, you will receive nutritional counseling that will guide you on meeting you target weight goals, while enabling you to maintain them.

At XX Fitness, we keep the classes sizes small where it is considered almost semi-private and is filled with women that are just like you, looking for the same results. Our class is offered during a time where the facility is completely empty. It will be just us ladies and 45,000 sq ft of room to get into the best shape of your life!!

Together, they help build the structure you need to shape the better version of you that you have been searching for.

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